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Directed by Brie Underwood and Melissa Best


Directed by Brie Underwood and Melissa Best


EVOLVE Dance Company is a co-ed group of driven and dedicated dancers seeking growth and opportunity within themselves and the dance community.  The goal of EVOLVE is to prepare its members for a successful future with a career in the professional dance industry or furthering their studies post graduation.  Members of EVOLVE work towards this goal by intense training, competitive avenues, and artistic exploration. EVOLVE works closely with many choreographers in the industry to prepare them for a professional career and to enhance and build their technique and artistry. EVOLVE is directed by Melissa Best and Brie Underwood.  For more information about EVOLVE or our audition process, contact us at

Auditions for EVOLVE 2018-2019

Ages 8-10 | June 4th | 5PM-8PM

Ages 11-12 | June 5th | 5PM-8PM

Ages 13-18 | June 6th | 5PM-8PM

UPDATED 2018-2019 EVOLVE COMPANY REQUIREMENTS: 2 ballet classes, 2 technique classes (can be flexibility + technique, progressions, or modern) , 1 company block, 1 tap class, 2 classes of choice per week.  These dancers are eligible to be in large groups, small groups, duo/trios, and solos. 

EVOLVE Track B REQUIREMENTS: 2 ballet classes, 1 technique class (can be flexibility + technique, progressions, or modern), 1 company block, 1 class of choice per week. These dancers are eligible to be in large groups.

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EVOLVE Dance Company 2017-2018 Members


Alli G.

Nickname: Allison  Age: 8

Spirit Animal: Cheetah

Favorite Dance Style: Hip Hop

Dream Job: Dancer

Fun Fact: I love 80's music. 


Annie G.

Age: 14

Scholarships: Intrigue & The Streetz

Spirit Animal: Otter

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Child Life Specialist

Fun Fact: My entire wardrobe is American Eagle.


Elizabeth L.

Nickname: Elily  Age: 16

Scholarships: The Streetz & Intrigue

Spirit Animal: Cheetah

Favorite Dance Style: Jazz

Fun Fact: My car's name is Casper.


Emily L.

Nickname: m&m  Age: 11

Scholarships: Intrigue & The Streetz

Spirit Animal: Bat

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Dancer, Designer, Model, Cosmetologist, Actress


Grace K.

Nickname: Gracie  Age: 12

Spirit Animal: Ostrich

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Talk Show Anchor, Dancer, Photographer

Fun Fact: I hate math and my favorite vegetable is celery.


Kaylee S.

Age: 12

Scholarships: Dancemakers

Spirit Animal: Koala

Favorite Dance Style: Tap

Dream Job: Interior Designer

Fun Fact: I can do the worm with my eyebrows.


Marisol H.

Nickname: Madster  Age:12

Scholarships: Adrenaline & The Streetz

Spirit Animal: Penguin

Favorite Dance Style: Jazz

Dream Job: Meteorologist or Dancer

Fun Fact: I love elephants!


Nataleigh B.

Nickname: Nat  Age: 10

Spirit Animal: Bunny

Favorite Dance Style: Ballet

Dream Job: Pharmacist 

Fun Fact: I love m


Ally E.

Age: 17

EVOLVE Senior Apprentice

Scholarships: Intrigue

Spirit Animal: Labordoodle 

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Physician's Assistant in Labor & Delivery

Fun Fact: I'm a counselor at a summer camp!


Chelsea B.

Nickname: Chels or Dolla Bills  Age: 15

Spirit Animal: Cheetah

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Surgeon

Fun Fact: I love Harry Styles.


Elyse B.

Nickname: Dewy  Age: 13

Spirit Animal: Turtle

Favorite Dance Style: Jazz

Dream Job: Dancer

Fun Fact: My favorite food is chicken lo mein.



Nickname: Ev  Age: 10

Spirit Animal: Pony

Favorite Dance Style: Lyrical/Contemporary

Dream Job: Dance Instructor

Fun Fact: I am double jointed.


Hailey W.

Nickname: Hails  Age: 16

The Streetz Assistant & Intrigue True Performer

Scholarships: Intrigue & The Streetz

Spirit Animal: Hedgehog

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Dance Teacher/Choreographer

Fun Fact: There's always glitter in my hair.

Lexi N.

Nickname: Lexi Lou   Age: 11  

Scholarships: Adrenaline & the Streetz

Spirit Animal: Pony

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Dancer or Pediatrictian 

Fun Fact: I love dogs and snow leopard cubs.


Micah B.

Nickname: Micah Jams   Age: 10

1st Runner Up The Streetz Mini Male BOY & Mr. Mini Dancemakers San Antonio & Intrigue Apprentice Runner Up

Scholarships: Intrigue, The Streetz, Adrenaline, Dancemakers, and Soul de Soul.

Spirit Animal: Sugar Glider

Favorite Dance Style: "This is an impossible question."

Dream Job: Dance Teacher


Rie M.

Age: 11

Spirit Animal: Dolphin

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Vet, Dancer, Photographer, Architect

Fun Fact: I love french fries.

Annalie B.

Nickname: Rosie  Age: 8

Scholarships: Intrigue & Adrenaline

Spirit Animal: Chipmunk

Favorite Dance Style: All of them!

Dream Job: Dancer

Fun Fact: I can scare people with my flexibility


Eliana C.

Nickname: Ellishmana  Age: 12

Scholarships: Adrenaline & Intrigue

Spirit Animal: Mouse

Favorite Dance Style: Ballet

Dream Job: Author

Fun Fact: I'm a fangirl.


Emi M.

Nickname: Emu  Age: 14

Spirit Animal: Emu  

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Architect & Dancer (duh!)

Fun Fact: I also swim for my high school's team!


Genevieve M.

Nickname: G-vieve  Age:8

Spirit Animal: Peacock

Favorite Dance Style: Jazz & Hip Hop

Fun Fact: I'm funny.


Josie O.

Nickname: Jojo  Age: 9

Spirit Animal: Cat

Favorite Dance Style: Musical Theater

Dream Job: Dancer

Fun Fact: I love school.


Molly Jane D.

Nickname: Molly, MJ, Guaca  Age: 14

Intrigue Assistant &       Tribe Trainee

Scholarships: The Streetz, Adrenaline, Dancemakers, Revive, Intrigue, and Radix

Spirit Animal: Meerkat 

Favorite Dance Style: Jazz/Jazz Funk

Dream Job: Dog Lady

Fun Fact:  I can slap by back with my foot.


Sierra W.

Nickname: CC, CCWigs  Age: 17

EVOLVE Senior Apprentice

Scholarships: Intrigue

Spirit Animal: Koala

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Broadway

Fun Fact: I am a U.S. and Canadian citizen.


Tia M.

Nickname: Tia Maria   Age: 8

Spirit Animal: Rat

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Dream Job: Vet/Dance Teacher

Fun Fact: I hate grape flavored candy.


e Street

Directed by Justin Streeter

e Street

Directed by Justin Streeter

eSTREET Hip Hop Company is directed by Justin Streeter, for ages 8-18, aiming to instill a passion for hip hop among its members and the community.  The goal of eStreet is to provide quality instruction to help guide its company members on a pre-professional path in the hip hop industry.    Dancers on eSTREET receive high quality instruction with minimal time and financial requirements.  For more information about eSTREET, email Justin at or pick up a company information packet at the studio!

eSTREET 2018-2019 Auditions

Ages 12 & under | June 15th | 2-3pm

Ages 13 & up | June 15th | 3-4pm

2017-2018 members:

Emily L. Greta M. Kaylee S. Lily O. Natalie R. Savannah R. Trinity C



Directed by Melissa Best


Directed by Melissa Best

EMERGE Dance Company is a dedicated group of co-ed dancers, ages 6-8, committed to growing technique, movement quality, and confidence in a positive and disciplined environment. Dancers who are a part of EMERGE will compete in local and regional competitions, as well as train at conventions and workshops around the area to further growth and versatility. If you are interested in having your dancer on Emerge, contact Melissa for more details and pick up a company information packet at the studio!

Emerge 2018-2019 Evaluations

Ages 5-8 | June 5th | 4-5pm


2017-2018 MEMBERS



Directed by Marissa Forbes


Directed by Marissa Forbes

EMPOWER Performance Company is a group of dancers, ages 8-18, who are passionate about dance and are interested in performing and competing.  The goal of EMPOWER Performance Company is to provide the opportunity for growth through competition and proper training while still having flexibility for dancers with other commitments or financial restraints.  This company is a great option for dancers on their school dance teams, or is interested in dance but may be new to the competition dance world.   This company is directed by Marissa Forbes. For more information contact the studio at and pick up a company packet at the studio! 

Empower 2018-2019 Auditions

Ages 8-12 | June 4th | 5pm-8pm

Ages 12-18 | June 5th | 5pm-8pm



2017-2018 Company Members

Evie H. Isabella P. Maggie e. Jasmine r. Christie R. Trinity C





Nikolas Bermea - 2017 EVOLVE ALUMNI

"My name is Nikolas Bermea. I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I was raised in Texarkana, Texas which is where I began to have my love for dance. I first tried dance in 7th grade in my living room but kept it to myself because I was a martial artist. As years went by, I went to high school, still never been in a studio in my life but still dancing. I then became my high schools mascot and I decided it was time for me to start showing people that I'm more than a martial artist. As the schools mascot I would dance whenever the band would play music and built myself a reputation. I then moved to Austin, Texas due to my fathers new job. By this time I decided that I want to be a dancer so I joined what would soon become my home, Evolution Dance Center. I joined their hip hop crew not knowing anything, and grew as a dancer. With it coming up to my last year in high school I decided to take it up a notch and be more than a hip hop dancer. With that in mind I made a decision that would come to be one of the greatest decisions of my life. I joined Evolve Dance Company. With the help of EDC, I learned that I could be so much more and with their guidance, I've realized I can be more. When I joined EDC, I met some of the greatest, nicest, beautiful, and just all around great people I would soon come to call my family. I earned scholarships from places I didn't think I was good enough for and basically learned that dance is much more than hitting the beats. Without the help of my directors, Melissa, Brie, Justin, and Morgan, I don't know where I would be. With their encouragement, I am now attending Texas Woman's University in Denton as a dance major. Evolution is my home and without them I wouldn't be where I am."

Shelbie Sagnes - 2016 EVOLVE ALUMNI

Shelbie started her dance education at the age of two and trained at Joyce Willet School of Dance in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop until the age of 5.  Shelbie was invited to audition for Body Talk Dance Company and began competitive dancing at age 6 under the Direction of Kim Willet.  Shelbie continued her competitive dancing and training under the direction of Quinton Weathers and Dane Burch from age 11 to age 15 and worked as the assistant for the Hip Hop Cru Director Aminya Houston as well as a class assistant for 2dance2dream.  Shelbie Sagnes became a member of EVOLVE Dance Company in August of 2014.  Shelbie continued her dance education under the direction of Melissa Best and Brianna Underwood and danced in pieces choreographed by Emma Portner, Morgan Burke, and Jade Whitmire. Her dancing brought her many awards including Intrigue’s Miss Hype and Overall Top Senior Dancer and Overall Top Score Dallas 2015.  Shelbie’s other passions include working with special needs children through 2 dance 2dream.  She continued her commitment to this program when she moved to EVOLVE Dance Company and will soon be expanding her passion of dance for all abilities to Waco, Texas where she is currently attending Baylor University pursuing a degree in Athletic Training.


Regan Fruge - 2015 EVOLVE ALUMNI

"I started my serious dance training at Evolution Dance Center. The years I was there, I really found my self and my voice as an artist.  EDC and the lessons they provided are the reason I had the courage to haul my dance career out to Las Vegas to train in a pre professional program, TAPS.  While in Las Vegas, I learned to utilize my skills in acting, singing, and dancing. Working with people like Don Mirault, Helene Phillips, Don Bellamy, and Bonny Story, I learned what it take to be a professional in the industry and how to conduct myself as so. Everyday I gain more experience and intend to let the light I've always had inside shine through."





Dancemakers - San Antonio




JUNIOR 1st Place OVERALL GROUP - Zero to Hero

PRE-TEEN 2nd Place OVERALL LINE - Can We Work It Out?

Pre-Teen Judges Pick - Clear Language

Pre-Teen Judges Pick - Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout


SENIOR 1st Place OVERALL DUO/TRIO - Performance

SENIOR 2nd Place OVERALL GROUP - You Know Me Well

Senior Judges Pick - Here We Are


Junior 9th Annalie Best

Pre-Teen 5th Marisol Hernandez

Pre-Teen 2nd Micah Best

Teen 3rd Molly Jane Dunne

Senior 10th Ally Ediger

Senior 7th Hailey White

Senior 5th Elizabeth Lilyquist

Senior 1st Nikolas Bermea


Micah Best - Tap Class Nationals Scholarship

Kaylee Strempel - Courage Regional Scholarship

Molly Jane Dunne - Scholarship Finalist


Clear Language - Pre-Teen Contemportary Duo/Trio High Score

Performance - Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio High Score


Machine - Junior Contemporary High Score

Zero to Hero - Junior Musical Theater High Score

On My Side - Pre-Teen Production Contemporary High Score

Here We Are - Senior Lyrical High Score

Me Without You - Senior Variety High Score

The Aloof - Senior Musical Theater High Score