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A little bit about us…

Evolution Dance Collective is a drop-off training facility. It is intended for more serious dancers to focus and train in a safe and nurturing environment. Parents of Sprouts dancers are welcome to sit and watch class in our quaint waiting area with live streaming of classes, but parents of older dancers are encouraged to leave their dancer to work on their craft in a safe space without distraction. Dancers have a refrigerator, microwave, and storage space to keep their belongings and snacks/dinner. families/friends are welcome to watch any portion of class through our livestream in the waiting area as long as they are not distracting to the dancers.

Important Dates:

9/3 Labor Day STUDIO IS OPEN

10/14 Columbus Day STUDIO IS CLOSED

10/31 Halloween STUDIO IS CLOSED


11/25-29 Thanksgiving Break STUDIO IS CLOSED

12/16-12/20 SPROUTS In-House Winter Performances during class times

12/20 Last Day of Fall Session

12/23-1/3 Winter Break STUDIO IS CLOSED

1/6 First Day of Spring Session


2/17 President’s Day STUDIO IS CLOSED

3/16-20 Spring Break STUDIO IS CLOSED

4/10-13 Easter Break STUDIO IS CLOSED

5/18 Tentative Sprouts Spring Showcase

5/22 Last Day of Spring Session




2017-2018 pricing tuition rates png.png

  Drop In Rates

45 Minute Class $18

60 minute class $20

90 Minute Class $25



Additional Fees

new students have a $40 registration fee.

returning students have a $25 registration fee.

A sibling discount is discounted $10 for tuition.

SPROUTS Performance fee of $150 due March 1 for Spring showcase.

Company Members pay monthly company fee.





 Level Descriptions


Our levels begin at age 8.  Levels are determined by SKILL in conjunction with age.  Level placement is based on instructor's discretion.  If a student advances quickly, instructors have the ability to move them up to a higher level mid-year if they see fit.

“Intro To” Level

For dancers under age 8 who want to begin to train more intensely and seriously. In our “Intro to” classes, they will learn the fundamentals necessary to continue building strength, technique, and artistry as they develop.

mini Level

With a few years of experience, dancers ready to further their training journey by studying technique, choreography retention, and implementing correction so the body safely learns the skills necessary to advance as artists and athletes. Average age for this class is between 8-10.

Junior Level

Dancers who have been studying for several years but are still working on fine tuning their technique and choreography retention, Intermediate dancers will have a focus on connecting their technique and artistry as they continue to grow. Average age for this class is 11-13

Teen/senior Level

For the serious dancer who has been training many years, . Many of these dancers are older, train many hours per week, or are planning on dancing professionally. Average age for this class is 14-18.


SPROUTS Class Descriptions



Planting seeds in our youngest dancers to help them grow in a nurturing, safe, and developmentally appropriate space.


Taking root for a deeper connection to their movement, this curriculum is designed to enhance your dancer's growing passion and bodies while preserving their creative innocence.


With our foundation growing, our Buds are ready to blossom into advancing artists and technicians as they dive into their art in a structured and nurturing environment.

SPROUTS Dress Code


We strongly encourage this shoe for our SPROUTS ballet dancers. Ballet shoes should have no long strings and should be worn with tights for ease of changing in and out of. Dancers may wear any leotard over tights. This leotard can include a skirt if desired. Hair should be pulled out of face and secured without loose hair accessories such as headbands and loose clips that could fall out/distract the dancer during class.


We strongly encourage this shoe for our SPROUTS tap dancers. Tap shoes should have no strings, either be closed by velcro or elastic and should be worn with tights or socks for ease of changing and comfort. Dancers may wear a leotard or any tight fitting athletic wear for tap. Hair should be pulled out of the face and secured without loose hair accessories such as headbands and loose clips that could fall out/distract the dancer during class.

Acro Combo

Dancers should wear tight fitting clothing (leotard is preferred) with transition tights for ease of wearing over their feet with their shoes, then pulled up easily for the acro portion of their class. Hair needs to be pulled back with no hair bows or clips that could press into their head during the tumbling sections if applicable. No skirts or excessive outfits that could interfere with their safety are allowed. Less is more for this class, no jewelry please.

Musical Theater/Theater Arts/Creative Movement

Dancers may wear tennis shoes or ballet shoes with a leotard or any tight fitting athletic wear for musical theater. Hair should be pulled out of the face and secured without loose hair accessories such as headbands and loose clips that could fall out/distract the dancer during class.

Hip Hop

Dancers should wear tennis shoes and comfortable street clothing. Please no black sole shoes as they scuff the floor, but all else closed toe shoes are acceptable. Hair can be up or down, as long as it is not distracting. No jewelry please.


Class Descriptions

Intro to Ballet - Intro to ballet introduces fundamentals of proper ballet training, focusing on placement, coordination, articulation, strength, flexibility, memorization and musicality. This will include exercises on the floor, the barre, and center work.

Mini Ballet - Mini ballet will expand on all principals taught in intro to ballet, and this class will require having had proper ballet training prior to entering this class(typically a 2nd-3rd year ballet training class). This class will be taught at a faster pace and begin facing the barre where all elements of classical barre will be taught throughout the season. Center will focus on balance, coordination, port de bras and epaulement(usage of head and upper body), basic turns and jump technique.

Junior Ballet - A dancer will likely need 3-4 years of proper ballet training to enter junior ballet. This class will begin side to the barre with large focus on proper classical epaulement (usage of head and upper body) in coordination with precise technique and correct placement. Full barre and full center will be done in this class. The curriculum will include more advanced steps arranged with more intricate choreography to challenge the dancer’s ability to memorize steps, musicality and work with proper technique.  

Teen/Senior Ballet - At least 4 years of proper ballet training will likely be needed to enter Senior ballet. Full barre and full center will be delivered at a fast pace, and more advanced technical and choreographic combinations will be taught. Grande Pirouettes and more advanced batterie(jumps with beats) and grand allegro(big jumps) will be introduced into the curriculum with a focus on movement quality, musicality, and precise technical execution. 

Dress Code: (female) pink or flesh colored ballet shoes, black footless dance tights over leotard, black leotard, hair in a hairsprayed and pinned ballet bun out of face and off neck. (male) black ballet shoes, black tights or shorts, black tight fitting shirt or tank. No jewelry (stud earrings are permitted).  No skirts or shorts. 

Contemporary- Taking the techniques and styles from other dance genres, contemporary is a unique fusion providing a modern and more emotional approach to the movement.  Contemporary helps provide an outlet for dancers to express themselves through movement with improvisational exercises and artistic movement.  Ballet is strongly encouraged in conjunction with contemporary.

Dress Code: Any color tight fitting dance wear is permitted.  Half tops/sports bras are allowed, but dancers must put on a cover up before leaving the studio.  Tights are not suggested.  Hair should be pulled out of the face in a bun or ponytail unless asked otherwise by the instructor.  No shoes are required, bare feet is preferred.

Jazz- Teaching strong jazz technique with a large emphasis on performance quality and confidence, our dancers are proficiently trained and challenged to keep up with a variety of jazz styles, from broadway to commercial jazz.  Our jazz program is fast paced, energetic, and full of personality!  Stretch & Technique is strong encouraged in conjunction with Jazz.

Dress Code: Any color tight fitting dance wear is permitted.  Half tops/sports bras are allowed, but dancers must put on a cover up before leaving the studio into the waiting area.  Tights are not suggested.  Hair should be pulled out of the face in a bun or ponytail unless asked otherwise by the instructor.  No shoes are required, bare feet is preferred, jazz shoes or pirouettes are permitted. 

Tap- Our tap program teaches rhythmic tap more than broadway tap, teaching our students the history of tap as well as a broad vocabulary.  Tap helps with rhythm, musicality, coordination, and performance! 

Dress Code: Any comfortable, loose fitted clothes. i.e. sweatpants, tank tops, etc.  Black lace up tap shoes are required. 

Hip Hop- Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. Therefore class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a rigorous warm-up to help prepare students for more intense movements.

Dress Code: Any comfortable, loose fitted clothes. i.e. sweatpants, tank tops, etc.  Shoes must be closed toe.  

Technique- A strong foundation is imperative for successful dancers to grow safely, quickly, and efficiently.  Our stretch and technique program is designed to train the body to perform safely, incorporating strength, stretch, rotation, core stability, and more.  Combining modern technique, jazz technique, & acrobatic stretching, this class helps prevent injury, and enhances the dancer's overall technique in all styles.

Dress Code: Any color tight fitting dance wear is permitted.  Tights are not suggested.  Hair should be pulled out of the face in a bun or ponytail unless asked otherwise by the instructor.  No loose clothing is permitted. No shoes are required, bare feet is preferred, jazz shoes or pirouettes are permitted. Dancers will be required to bring 2 yoga blocks and a medium to heavy theraband.

Conditioning- (seasonal)- This class focuses on the overall performance of the body, challenging it's endurance, strength, and stamina.  Open to dancers and non-dancers, it's sure to leave you sweaty and happy!

Dress Code: Any comfortable, loose fitted or tight clothing. i.e. sweatpants, tank tops, etc.  Shoes must be closed toe.

Foot Technique- (seasonal)- Focusing on the foot, ankle, flexibility, arches, and pointe, this class is designed to sharpen the tool we use the most as dancers.  Dancers will receive personal attention to relieve knots, tension, and overall health of their foot, understanding the anatomy and importance of proper positioning and care.

Dress Code: Any comfortable, loose fitted clothes. i.e. sweatpants, tank tops, etc.  Bare feet is required, bring socks for different exercises.

Improvisation- (seasonal)- Dance improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating movement. Development of improvised movement material is facilitated through a variety of creative explorations including body mapping through levels, shape and dynamics schema.  Improv helps develop creativity, artistry, confidence, and style into dancers helping them mature into more advanced movers and performers.

Dress Code: Any dance wear is permitted.  Shoes are optional, barefoot is required but jazz shoes or pirouettes are permitted.  Dancers should feel comfortable and confident.

Musical Theater- (seasonal)- This class enhances the technical and entertainment aspect of musical theater (broadway) dance.  this class will include minor voice training, and focus largely on entertainment and theatrical performance.  jazz technique is recommended in conjunction with musical theater.

Dress Code: Any dance wear is permitted.  Females should have character shoes.  Males should have jazz shoes.  

theater arts- (seasonal/sprouts)- This class enhances the technical and entertainment aspect of musical theater.  this class will include minor voice training, and focus largely on entertainment and theatrical performance.  

Dress Code: Any dance wear is permitted.  Tennis shoes or bare feet is suggested. 





Tuition and Late Fees Tuition is due on the 1st of every month.  A late fee of $15 will be added for every family with a remaining tuition balance after the 6th.  If tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month, the dancer will not be allowed into class until the account is paid in full.  Tuition may be paid by check, cash, or credit card.  You may also manage your account and pay online through our website.  This is helpful for times when you need to make a payment, but the studio is closed. All families are required to have a credit card on file and can opt for automatic payments each month to be debited on the 1st. If payment hasn't been received in 30 days, this card will be run for the balance due on the account.

Absences If absent, a make up class may be taken in a class that is the same duration and the same age group or younger than your dancer.  Make up classes need to be made up within the month that the class is missed.  There will be no refunds for missed classes.  If a class is cancelled, there will be a make up class provided by the studio.

Holidays EDC is closed for Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break.  Months with holidays will not be prorated.  We follow LISD calendar for closures due to holidays, weather, etc. 

Dropping a Class We need 30 day written notice (email) for any class your dancer may be dropping.  If 30 days notice are not given, you will still be responsible for any charges you acquire until your 30 days is up.

Late Policy and Classroom Management Dancers who arrive more than 10 minutes late without notice are not allowed into that class.  If dancers call ahead to inform the instructor of tardiness, they may come in, but will observe if past 10 minutes.  It is important for dancers to be on time as they are warming up in the first few minutes of class.  This prevents injury and distraction during class.  All instructors have the right to dismiss a dancer who is disrupting a class.  Please have your dancer go to the restroom before class.

Waiting Room/Studio We are a drop off facility and not intended for families to stay and wait on dancers in class as we are training and focusing on the dancers in class. If families must stay and wait, please park in the community lot past the building to the left as the parking out front is our loading zone.  Our SPROUTS classes have small class sizes to accommodate the structure and focus they deserve and desire. Our parking area and waiting area are accommodating for the small class size and families are welcome to stay and watch their SPROUT on our monitors in the quaint waiting area.   Dancers have a lounge in the back to do homework, eat dinner, and/or relax before, between, or after classes. This room is unmonitored and dancers are expected to uphold respectful behavior and cleanliness.

Dress Code Dancers out of dress code will be given two warnings.  After their second warning, dancer's will be asked to sit and observe class.  No jewelry is allowed in any class with the exception of small stud earrings.  For dress code, click here!

Performances  We will have two performance opportunities for our SPROUTS.  One will be before we break for the holidays in December, the other will be towards the end of the school year.   The winter performance has no performance fee, the Spring Showcase has a $100 performance fee due March 1.  Dancers in Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced classes will not have performance opportunities unless they are a member of one of our competitive and/or pre-professional companies.

Level Placement Dancers will be placed in class levels based on age, previous dance experience, current technique, and work ethic in class.  All level placements are the recommendation of the instructors and directors and are non-negotiable.  This system is in place to ensure that dancers of all levels are receiving the highest quality of instruction possible.  If your dancer needs to be moved after the start of classes, the instructor will reach out to you to see about a change. 

Registration Dancers who are currently on a company from another studio are welcome to take drop in classes or master classes, but may not be registered in our system for weekly classes. 




Dance Clothing & Shoes

capezio austin

5114 Balcones Woods Drive, Suite 304 Austin, TX 78759

We send most of our families to Capezio to purchase shoes, leotards, tights, etc.  They have our shoe preferences on file if you tell them you are with EVOLUTION DANCE CENTER!





How do I register for classes?

We allow online registration and in-person registration.  Click here to register online! If you would rather come into the studio, contact us to set up an appointment.

Is it too late to register?

It's only too late if the class is full, but we can also get you on the wait list!  If interested in joining company mid-season, contact us to see about late auditions.

How can I pay my dancer's tuition?

All dancers will be required to have a credit card on file.  We will not run these cards until the 1sth of the month.  Before the 1st of the month, you may log into your account and pay with a card or you may come to the studio and pay by cash or check. If your card does not go through, you will be notified via email to handle your account as soon as possible and dancers will not be allowed in class until account is paid in full.  We do not add late fees until the 7th of the month.

What is your drop policy?

Once a dancer is registered at Evolution Dance Collective, they are registered for the FULL SESSION.  This is Fall/Spring (school year) or Summer Camps/Intensives.  If your dancer is in several classes and just wants to drop or move to a new class, simply email the office at and let us know what class.  If your dancer wants to drop their enrollment completely, we need a 30 day notice via email to

Can my dancer take private lessons/one on one class with instructors to improve technique?

Yes!  All private lessons are scheduled and paid for through the individual instructor.  Shoot us an email to with your needs and the instructor if you have a preference and we will start setting up something for your dancer!

If I have any questions about my chid, what's the best way to reach you?

Here at Evolution, we are definitely email people!  The best way to contact us about your child is through email and then we can go from there. If a private meeting or phone call is needed, we can definitely accommodate you!

Do you still have classes during Christmas and Spring Break?

No!  We follow Leander ISD for holidays and days off with a few exceptions.  Please refer here to check if we are closed or not.  We will also email all important dates for the season in our newsletters!

My child still wear diapers, can they still take class? 

Yes, dancers who are not potty trained yet are welcomed for weekly classes.  However, all dancers attending a camp or anything longer than 45 minutes must be potty trained.  We ask that parents of children who are currently in the process of potty training to stay near by for their class in case they need to go!

What happens if my dancer can't make it to class during the week?  Does he/she have an opportunity to make up the class?

If your dancer misses a class, they may make up the class in any level the same or below their current level.  This is a great opportunity to try a new style and meet new friends!  Please email the collective to let the instructor know that they are doing a make up class ahead of time!

My dancer is a student at your studio, her friends wants to try a class with her.  Is it possible and what would it cost?

All dancers can take their first trial class for free!  We would first ask a few questions to make sure the level would be the best to try but in most cases, it is fine to try a class with a friend!  If the dancer wants to take more than one classes as a trial, they will be asked to pay a drop in rate.

Can I drop off my dancer for class time and go run errands?

Yes, in fact we encourage it! We have everyone's contact and emergency contact info on file.  However, if you have a young dancer who frequently needs to go to the restroom, we would encourage you to stay as do not have staff to help them do so.

Where can I purchase my dancer's shoes and dance wear?

We send most dancers to Capezio at 5114 Balcones Woods Drive in Austin.  Their phone number is 512.502.1150. They are the closest full dance store to our studio.  

What are your requirements for Pointe?

We require all dancers to be at least 12 years old before going on pointe and be approved by our ballet director.  If your dancer is younger than 12 but has previous dance experience, we ask that they get cleared by our ballet instructor and by a doctor to make sure the dancer's foot is fully developed before going on pointe.

My dancer is interested in performance opportunites and/or being more competitive. What do you offer for them?

Here at EDC, we have 2 different competitive companies.  EMERGE is a competitive company for dancers ages 6-8 under the direction of Melissa Best.  EVOLVE is a pre-professional company directed by Brianna Underwood and Melissa Best for ages 8-18.  

How does my dancer get on EVOLVE or EMERGE?  Where do I get info?

Information packets are available each Spring before auditions happen in the Summer.  All companies have different requirements.  Contact us to get detailed information on which company might be best for you!