Zilker Hillside Theatre | 3/12/16 | 6:30pm | Free Admission

Stop bullies. Build Confidence. Love one another.

Every time someone attacks our appearance, our choices, our socioeconomic status or our character a small part of our self worth chips away if we let it. Bullying comes in many forms, and it isn’t always so obvious as physical or verbal abuse. Being excluded, ignored, judged, betrayed or insulted can lead to feelings of loneliness and invisibility. 

It doesn’t have to. 

In a world where hate, pain, confusion and loss often take precedence we choose something else. We choose to find the roses among the thorns and the beauty in the ugliness.

We choose to be diamonds in the rough. 

Come support our dancers in an evening of self-affirmation. We hope our show, “Matters of the Heart,” will enlighten someones heart and mind to make a positive change in the world around them.